Airport Regulatory Compliance System

• Seamless integration of all regulatory compliance activities
• Simple distribution of Common Threat Assessments
• Improves operational efficiency
• Eliminates paper compliance records
• Automatic generation of
• Pending non compliance warnings
• Non compliance alarms
• Warning and alarm resolution
• Fixed desktop and mobile tablet applications
• Video and image integration for compliance evidence base
• Seamless integration into
• Mach-Secure Product Family
• 3rd Party Applications

Fully Integrated Airport Regulatory Compliance Solution
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Overview Page

Mach-SmartARCS® provides the master information summary for all key regulatory compliance activities associated with Airport security. The overview page provides compliance managers with real time visibility of the compliance status of their Airport and provides tools for the distribution of Common Threat Assessments, setting of monitoring thresholds and generation of compliance


Smart-ARCS Overview

Historical Compliance Views

In addition to the real time compliance status compliance managers can access the
past historical compliance status in a calendar view. With the same simple colour status
representation and simple calendar navigation compliance managers can zero in on
any regulatory compliance event in the current or previous reporting periods.n of
compliance reports

Drill Down Pages

Mach-SmartARCS® provides simple drill down methods for the operator to select discrete items of equipment or areas selected areas for the current status or histocompliance analysis.


Smart-ARCS Drilldown



Smart-ARCS Common Threat assessments

Common Threat Assessments

Mach-SmartARCS® provides tools for the distribution of common threat assessments to all relevant parties within
the Airport with a simple mouse click. Threat assessments can be time limited and recalled each day to reinforce security personnel awareness of the new threat risk
environment. Threat assessment messages can be sent to on shift and pool personnel by a variety of methods including log in messages, e-mail and SMS messaging. Comprehensive monitoring tools ensure that the compliance manager can monitor the delivery and implementation of threat assessment updates.

The new Mach-SmartARCS® addresses the security requirements and problems of the transport industry globally and satisfies these objectives with a totally integrated system that offers fast, efficient, secure and accurate monitoring of Airport regulatory compliance.

With regulatory compliance being of paramount importance, it has been recognised that the efficiency of an Airport is significantly enhanced when presented with the controlled, secure and managed environment that the Mach-SmartARCS® solution guarantees.

Changing threats and regulatory requirements mean that the challenges we face today will be greater tomorrow – Mach-SmartARCS® is a scalable modular solution which is designed to cope with major increases in the regulatory environment.

Threshold Monitoring

Mach-SmartARCS® provides the Airport compliance manager with tools to adjust alarm thresholds and monitor the compliance to the current threshold settings. In addition to alarm thresholds, limits can be set for performance management assessments.

Compliance Testing

Mach-SmartARCS® as part of its core functionality automates the daily and weekly compliance testing functions and integrates them into the operational status of the compliance area. This for example ensures that a check point X-Ray machine cannot start processing passengers until all of its mandatory compliance tests have been
carried out.


Smart-ARCS Compliance testing


Smart-ARCS reports


Standard shift, daily, weekly and monthly reports are available at all times. Using the reporting tools it is possible to produce granulated reports down to individual
equipment device level over a selected reporting period. Reporting subjects and time periods are selected via a simple intuitive GUI and can be generated on screen or as either paper or PDF forms.

Personnel Management

Mach-SmartARCS® recognises that security
personnel are a key component of the overall
Airport security environment. The regulatory
framework already stipulates the maximum activity time and training requirements for screening operators and these together with tools for the continuous assessment and monitoring of staff performance are built in components of the system.


Smart-ARCS Personnel Management

Mach- Secure® - Integrated Airport Security Solution

The Mach-Secure® suite of innovative products and systems has been specifically designed for Airport security applications. These dedicated products and systems address the day to day operational and financial challenges faced by today’s modern businesses. The Mach-Secure suite of products and systems will dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an Airport’s security systems whilst enhancing the passenger experience and lowering the operational costs. For the first time Mach-Secure® introduces a totally integrated system solution to the Airport security environment.

Mach-Secure® Airport Security Products:
• Mach-SEMS® - Security Efficiency Management System
• Mach-SmartLane® - Automated Tray Handling
• Mach-SmartView® - Remote Search Facility
• Mach-SmartViewMatrix® - Centralised X-Ray Security Screening System
• Mach-SmartVision® - Integrated CCTV
• Mach-SmartSense® - Personnel Tracker
• Mach-SmartAccess® - Access Control
• Mach-SmartRoster® - Personnel Roster System
• Mach-SmartBRS® - Baggage Reconciliation Systems
• Mach-SmartSAC® - Security Audit and Sortation Systems
• Mach-SmartRegister® - PAX / Airline Spend Profile & PAX Locator
• Mach-SmartTutorial® - In Line Security Training
• Mach-SmartARCS® - Airport Regulatory Compliance Systems
• Mach-SmartPredict® - Dynamic Real Time Equipment Utilisation Planning
• Mach-SmartPupil® - Security Vigilance Monitoring System
• Mach-SmartDrop® - Automated Passenger Bag Drop
• Mach-SmartFlow® - Queue Analysis Management System

The Mach-Secure® suite of products and systems offers a coherent, structured and centrally controlled solution to provide the secure Airport of the future.

Compliance made simple

Compliance Made Simple