Passenger Flow Analysis System

• Queue Management
• Integrates with Existing or New Wi-Fi Network Systems
•Option to Create Guest Wi-Fi Network
• Real Time Passenger Flow Information
•Actual Queue Times
•Improved Passenger Counts
•Intelligent Passenger Tracking Facility
• Improves Operational Efficiency
• Auto Detection of Associated and Non-Associated Wi-Fi Devices
• Higher Passenger Wi-Fi Up-Take vs Bluetooth
• Seamless Integration into Mach-Secure Product Family

The Mach-SmartFlow ® System is a Truly Integrated Queue Management Solution

Mach-SmartFlow® Brochure:
SmartLane Brochure >4MB

The innovative Mach-SmartFlow solution, overcomes the accepted shortfalls of the Bluetooth Uptake being less than 5% when calculating passenger flow, and adopts Wi-Fi location analytics. This is the method that has been welcomed by Airports as more accurate and cost effective, given that Smartphones and Other Wi-Fi Devices now have an ever increasing presence across the general population.
The Mach-SmartFlow® Solution captures the Wi-Fi enabled Devices’ Wireless Signature. These unique mobile wireless signatures are
transmitted at regular intervals from associated or non-associated Wi- Fi Devices, meaning the passenger does not have to log in or onto
the Airport Wi-Fi to be counted.




The Mach-SmartFlow® System seamlessly integrates into Mach-SEMS with a selection of pre-configured report and a real time dashboard.

• Real Queue times
• Analyse Passenger Flow
• Track Passengers Journey through the Airport Terminal Journey from start to finish
• Car Park to Terminal
• Check In to Security
• Retail to Boarding
• Accurately records actual Queue time and assists in meeting queue targets
• Real Time alerts

Mach-SmartFlow® seamlessly feeds into Mach- SmartPredict® providing tools for the modelling of expected passenger flows, baggage flows and outbound security loads based on the operational flight schedule, operating aircraft and historical carrier
load factors. It is able to model the passenger profile over the active operational time of each flight taking into account the passenger mix and characteristics based on the leveraging of real accurate passenger data per flight or carrier.


The Mach-SmartFlow® is a cost effective solution that can reside on existing Wi-Fi networks thus reducing hardware installation costs. Equally if you should want to update existing Wi-Fi networks,
MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd. can
provide a full turnkey solution.

The technology behind Mach-SmartFlow® also
enables you to set up a guest Wi-Fi Network. When users log on, a personalised splash screen will appear allowing you to promote the business as required.
Mach-SmartFlow splash page

Mach-SmartFlow Log in


With Mach-SmartFlow®, the passenger can
log on via a Social Media account, or by
filling in a simple form. This then allows you
greater access to more personal information ie: e-mail, age, phone number, gender etc. Having this information could assist the potential for retail conversion which would be hugely beneficial to the Airport. Other possible benefits include improved passenger experience, loyalty schemes, Flash sale notifications and flight updates.

Mach-SmartFlow® is a scalable solution, that
provides rapid return on investment and
improves passenger experience.

Mach-SmartFlow tablet