Checkpoint Automated Tray Handling

• Improves operational efficiency
• Reduces queue waiting times and congestion
• Enhances overall public safety, security and service
• Significantly reduces security checkpoint personnel manning levels
• Cost effective – rapid return on capital investment
• Provides outstanding value and performance
• Ergonomically designed for public and security personnel use
• Deployed in a number of international airport terminals


A Revolution in Checkpoint Security
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The modular construction and flexibility of the Mach-SmartLane® system allows for each individual application to be designed and configured to produce an almost infinite number of layouts to suit each application - a real benefit for installations where space is restricted or constrained.

Mach-SmartLane  modular construction

Mach-SmartLane integrated with checkpoint X-ray machine

Mach-SmartLane® is Designed to be Integrated with the World’s Leading Manufacturers of Checkpoint X-Ray
Machines. The Mach-SmartLane® Provides a Controlled Entry and Exit and Subsequent Optimisation of Imaging and X-Ray Machine Performance.

Fully CE Certified, Mach-SmartLane® has been
Ergonomically Designed to Ensure Easy Loading and Unloading of Hand Baggage. A Simple and Effective Automated Tray Return Facility Increases Throughput Rates Whilst Eliminating the Need for Repetitive and
TimeConsuming Manual Handling of Trays by
Checkpoint Personnel

Mach-SmartLane parallel loading divest station
Mach-SmartLane fully CE certified
The New Mach-SmartLane® Incorporates Parallel Loading Techniques Offering Dramatically Increased Passenger
Throughput over Conventional Serial Passenger Load Solutions.
With the Latest Mach-SmartLane® Solution, Slow Passengers Do Not Inhibit or Prevent Efficient Passengers from Progressing at the Divest Stations.

Mach-SmartLane® is Designed to be Integrated with the World’s Leading Manufacturers Of Checkpoint X-ray Machines and can be Configured for Local or Remote Screening.

Mach-SmartLane® is a Hardware Independent and therefore Future Proof Solution. The Modular Concept and Server Client Architecture Means that Future Expansion is a Simple Matter of Adding Search Clients to the Mach-Secure® Network.
Mach-SmartLane® Addresses the Security Requirements and Problems of the Transport Industry Globally and the Objectives With a Totally Integrated System that Offers Fast, Efficient, Secure and Accurate Searching of Threat Baggage.

With Consumer Satisfaction Being of Paramount Importance, It Has Been Recognised that the Passenger Experience is Significantly Enhanced when Presented with the Controlled, Securely Managed and Efficient Environment That Mach-SmartLane® Solution Guarantees.

Growing Numbers of Passengers Mean that the Challenges We Face Today will be Greater Tomorrow – Mach-SmartLane® is a Scalable Solution Which is Designed to Cope with Major Increases Of Passenger Traffic

Conventional Checkpoint Systems are Labour Intensive. Checkpoint Personnel are Often Under Intense Pressure to Speed up the Screening Process. Mach-SmartLane® not only Reduces the Manning Levels Required, it also Enables Checkpoint Personnel to Process more People in a Secure and
Controlled Environment.
Mach-SmartLane speeds up screening process

mach-Smartlane ensures only screened and security cleared baggage are accessible to the public


Conventional Checkpoint Systems can Experience Security Issues with Passenger Access to Un-Cleared Baggage, thus Potentially Introducing a Major Security Risk. Mach-SmartLane® Ensures Only
Screened and Security Cleared Hand Baggage are Accessible to the Public.

The Baggage Trays are on Intrinsic Part of the Mach- SmartLane® System. The Baggage Trays have Been designed and Manufactured to Cope with Known Day to Day Operational Challenges.

Mach-SmartLane baggage trays are designed to cope

Mach-SmartLane utilises proven technology

Mach-SmartLane® Utilises Proven Technology. A Large Number of Mach-SmartLane® Systems have been Developed and are Operational in
Real Airport Environments Providing a Measurable Increase in Passenger Throughput, and an Improved and Secure Working Environment for Checkpoint Personnel.