Passenger Flow Forecasting System

• Seamless integration of passenger flow monitoring into staff
equipment planning
• Simple equipment planning tools for Check-in , Make Up and
Outbound Security assets
• Improves operational efficiency
• Provides Real Time monitoring of actual versus expected Pax flow
• Automatic generation of
• Capacity excess warnings
• Capacity shortfall alarms
• Warning and alarm resolution
• Extensive trending and reporting functionality
• Seamless integration into
• Mach-Secure Product Family – Mach-SmartRoster®
• 3rd Party Applications

Fully Integrated Resource Planning Solution

Mach-SmartPredict® Brochure:
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Overview Page

Mach-SmartPredict® provides acomprehensive set of tools to manage the activities associated with the resource planning of Airport facilities. The overview page provides resource planners with tools for staff and equipment allocation, flight schedule maintenance, flight profiling,
capacity utilisation monitoring and reporting.

SmartPredict overview page

SmartPredict Flight Schdeule

Flight Schedule

Mach-SmartPredict® provides a simple
tool for the creation and maintenance of
the operating flight schedule and
provides interfaces to live flight information sources to ensure that the current operational schedule accurately
reflects the real operating situation.

Passenger Profiles

Mach-SmartPredict® provides tools for the modelling of expected passenger flows, baggage flows and outbound security loads based on the operational flight schedule,
operating aircraft and historical carrier load factors. It is able to model the passenger profile over the active operational time of each flight taking into account the passenger mix and characteristics based on the leveraging of real accurate passenger data per flight or carrier.

SmartPredict Passenger Profiles
Passenger Flow Forecast

Mach-SmartPredict® utilises the passenger profiles to forecast outbound security loads, check-in desk loadings and make-up capacity. The historical data gathered by SmartPredict is leveraged into the forecast algorithms so that it can learn from previous experience and provide more accurate forecasts of future resource demands. Simple tools allow exceptional situations such as public holidays, school holiday patterns etc. to be taken into account when generating current forecasts.

The new Mach-SmartPredict® module addresses the security requirements and problems of the transport industry globally and satisfies these objectives with a totally integrated system that offers fast, efficient, secure and accurate monitoring of Airport passenger flows.

With the passenger experience being of paramount importance, it has been recognised that the efficiency of an Airport is significantly enhanced when presented with the controlled, secure and managed environment that the Mach-SmartPredict® solution guarantees.

Changing threats and passenger processing systems mean that the challenges we face today will be greater tomorrow – Mach-SmartPredict® is a scalable modular solution which is designed to enable an Airport to maximise the efficient use of its valuable resources while providing class leading passenger service.

Prediction Monitoring

Mach-SmartPredict® displays in real time the actual passenger flows and associated equipment capacity demand against the predicted demand generated by the forecast engine. Simple colours are used to provide at a glance indication of passenger short flows or unexpected demand peaks. The real passenger flow is fed back into the prediction engine to modify the prediction and generate warnings of pending capacity shortfall.

Smartpredict capacity utilisation
Capacity Utilisation

Mach-SmartPredict® takes the predicted and actual demand flows and compares them to the available processing capacity. Simple colours are used to provide at a glance indication of capacity over and under utilisation to allow operations managers to fine tune their resource allocation to
real passenger flows. Capacity utilisation can be further leveraged into the Mach-SmartRoster® system to facilitate efficient staff planning.

Equipment Planning

Mach-SmartPredict® provides a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate the effective planning of equipment resources. The
results of the forecast engine and real time feedback of the actual passenger flows are leveraged into the equipment planning tools to improve the efficiency of the airport operation. Tools are provided for check in, out bound security and flight make up planning and simple colours are used to indicate resource over utilisation while drag and drop tools provide an intuitive user interface experience.

SmartPredict equipment Planning

Standard shift, daily, weekly and monthly reports are available at all times. Using the reporting tools it is possible to produce granulated reports down to individual equipment device level over a selected reporting period. Reporting subjects and time periods are selected via a simple intuitive GUI and can be generated on screen or as either paper or PDF forms.
Resoucing made simple