Airport Workforce Management System

• Easy to use roster configuration tools / templates
• Intelligent roster management based on actual requirements
• Dynamic passenger throughput / staff ratio feedback
• Immediate alerts / corrective actions highlighted and suggested
• Staff web accessibility – Tablets / Smartphones / Home PC’s
•Shift viewing / Holiday booking
•Shift swapping / Sickness authorisation
•Overtime availability / Alerts / Requests
• Effortless report creation
• Simple to use drag and drop functionality
• Seamless integration into
• Mach-Secure Product Family
• 3rd Party Applications / Payroll/ HR Systems

Fully Integrated Airport Workforce Management
Mach-SmartRoster® Brochure:
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The Mach-SmartRoster is part of the Mach-Smartproduct suite providing all your needs for shortterm and long-term rostering challenges,
absence management, time and attendance
and roster optimisation through its innovative,
easy to use real time application that is
designed for operational economy. Mach-
SmartRoster® is kept fully up-to-date with
passenger information through its integration
with the Mach-Smart Suite allowing greater
control on staffing levels using passenger
demand to ensure staff utilisation is always at
an optimum.





Mach-SmartRoster® is part of the fully integrated Mach-Smart suite which allows scheduled passenger numbers to be transferred, and provides for long term automated demand roster creation and near instant short term gap analysis. Mach-SmartRoster® will identify gap within the roster compared to the predicted number of passengers and will assist in the decision making and present the appropriate number of staff and skill mix required to fill the gap, avoiding the potential for overstaffing or inappropriately skilled employees.


Mac-SmartRoster powerful


The Mach-SmartRoster® can be configured
quickly and easily to your pre-requisites.
However complicated your working and pay
rules may be, Mach-SmartRoster® will automate all of this complexity, ensuring consistency is maintained, and will deliver all employee pay information to any payroll and HR application, removing any manual keying of employees hours and duplication of data entry thereby reducing costly payroll errors.

Mach-SmartRoster Flexability

Ease of Use

All Tasks within the Mach-SmartRoster® application have been designed to be simple to use with single click and drag and drop functionality enabling managers, administrative support and staff to perform any action quickly and efficiently.


Mach-SmartRoster Ease of USE
Time and Attendance

Eliminating the need for manual processes and dual entry of data, the fully automated
Mach-SmartRoster® Time and Attendance application ensures optimised staff utilisation and confirms staffing levels are at a premium. With employee clocking, you will be
immediately alerted to potential staffing shortfalls and absenteeism, providing speedy,
cost effective resolution to any understaffing situations. Mach-SmartRoster® tracks worked
shifts and employee hours, automatically calculating overtime and absence hours, and
with automatic interfacing to any payroll application, employees are accurately paid for
time worked


Mach-SmartRoster Absence Management

Absence Management

Being able to manage employee
absenteeism and planning for future leave is vital for the effective economical
management of resources. Whether
immediate action is necessary or filling future gaps, the Mach-SmartRoster® gap analysis will identify those problems and provide cost effective guidance on all decisions for employee replacement centred on your rules, whether it be based on employee skills, cost efficiency or geographical proximity to site.

Automated Demand Rostering

Building rosters can be complicated, expensive to create and time consuming. With the Mach-Smart suite’s integration with the Mach-SmartRoster®, passenger numbers are constantly updated. This enables up-to-date automated short-term and long-term roster creation, built on staffing levels that are pre-configured around passenger numbers. This avoids the need for costly and time consuming manual creation of rosters.


Mach-SmartRoster Automated Demand Rostering

Mach-SmartRoster Tablets and Smart Phones
Tablets and Smart Phones

Having the ability to access Mach-
SmartRoster® through any device,
laptop/pc, tablet and smart phone, can
be invaluable enabling all actions through all devices including roster amendments, report generation, absence generation and shortfall resolution and employee clocking.
Report Suite

When collecting large quantities of complex
data it is vital you can report on it quickly,
easily and efficiently. With the Mach- SmartRoster® report suite, you have the ability
to access everything, either from the
standard report set that includes a vast
number of reports that have been designed
for all organisations or create your own
reports for a wide range of operational and
financial management purposes.


Mach-SmartRoster Report Suite

Mach- Secure® - Integrated Airport Security Solution

The Mach-Secure® suite of innovative products and systems has been specifically designed for Airport security applications. These dedicated products and systems address the day to day operational and financial challenges faced by today’s modern businesses. The Mach-Secure suite of products and systems will dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an Airport’s security systems whilst enhancing the passenger experience and lowering the operational costs. For the first time Mach-Secure® introduces a totally integrated system solution to the Airport security environment.

Mach-Secure® Airport Security Products:
• Mach-SEMS® - Security Efficiency Management System
• Mach-SmartLane® - Automated Tray Handling
• Mach-SmartView® - Remote Search Facility
• Mach-SmartViewMatrix® -Centralised X-Ray Security Screening System
• Mach-SmartVision® - Integrated CCTV
• Mach-SmartSense® - Personnel Tracker
• Mach-SmartAccess® - Access Control
• Mach-SmartRoster ® - Personnel Roster System
• Mach-SmartBRS® - Baggage Reconciliation Systems
• Mach-SmartSAC ® - Security Audit and Sortation Systems
• Mach-SmartRegister® - PAX / Airline Spend Profile & PAX Locator
• Mach-SmartTutorial® - In Line Security Training
• Mach-SmartARCS® - Airport Regulatory Compliance Systems
• Mach-SmartPredict® - Dynamic Real Time Equipment Utilisation Planning
• Mach-SmartPupil® - Security Vigilance Monitoring System
• Mach-SmartDrop® - Automated Passenger Bag Drop
• Mach-SmartFlow® - Queue Analysis management System

The Mach-Secure® suite of products and systems offers a coherent, structured and centrally controlled solution to provide the secure Airport of the future.

Mach-SmartRoster Workforce Management made simple

Workforce Management Made Simple