Security Efficiency Management System
Checkpoint Solution

• Improves Operational Efficiency
• Reduces Queue Waiting Times and Congestion
• Enhances Overall Public Safety, Security and Service
• Real Time Data Collection
• Events, Reports and Statistical Analysis
• Facility and Personnel Performance Management
• Service Level Agreement Management
• Seamless Integration
• Mach-Secure® Product Family
• 3rd Party Applications


Security Efficiency Management System
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Overview Page

Mach-SEMS® provides the master information summary for all 'Key Performance Indicators' associated with the checkpoint facility. The overview page provides supervisors with real time visibility of throughputs, status and performance of equipment and staff operations, immediately highlighting bottlenecks or shortfalls in performance.

MachSems Overview


Drill Down Pages

Mach-SEMS® provides simple drill down methods for the operator to select discrete items of equipment or selected areas for current status and performance analysis.


All connected system events are categorised, time & date stamped and stored for historical evaluation, filtering and reporting. The most recent 1000 events are displayed on-screen in order of occurrence by default with filtering
functions to refine on-screen viewing.
MachSEMS Reports Event Filters and Reports

User friendly tools enables filtering of single or multiple events from defined event category and /or periods of time. Standard shift, daily,
weekly and monthly reports are available at all times.
Real Time KPI’s Gauges and Charts

Customised performance charts may be incorporated within the standard reporting format to meet the facility management requirements.


Mach-SEMS® is a comprehensive monitoring system, collating data for statistical analysis to allow the efficient management and control of the complete checkpoint security facility.

The Mach-SEMS® solution for the first time allows management to have full visibility of the complete checkpoint process and enables the adoption of intelligent real time decision making processes.

The information provided by Mach-SEMS® ensures management has the full statistical data available for detailed analysis of service level agreements associated with equipment suppliers, service providers and Airlines.

Mach-Secure® Applications
Mach-Secure® product family seamlessly interfaces into the Mach-SEMS® solution offering a fully integrated system for the complete checkpoint security facility. Every member of the product family reports all live data to Mach-SEMS® for dynamic decision and historical statistical analysis.

The Mach-SEMS® modular design offers a scalable approach to any size of checkpoint facility and can also be retrofitted to existing systems.

Mach-Secure® Integrated Applications

As part of the Mach-Secure® range of products and applications, MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd. have partnered with leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment for Mach- SmartVision® , RFID systems for Mach-SmartSense® and ID recognition equipment for Mach-SmartAccess®, all of which have been designed to integrate seamlessly into the Mach-SEMS® product.

This holistic approach to the management of the complete checkpoint security facility, ensures total management transparency and efficiency is assured.

3rd Party Integrated Applications

The modular structure of the Mach-SEMS® offers a cost effective solution to integrate existing or customer preferred 3rd party applications. The multi functional Mach-SEMS® suite of software allows for independent services to be fully managed and incorporated within the Mach-SEMS® reporting structure.

Mach- Secure® - Integrated Airport Security Solutions

The Mach-Secure® suite of innovative products and systems has been specifically designed for Airport security applications. These dedicated products and systems address the day to day operational and financial challenges faced by today’s modern businesses. The Mach-Secure suite of products and systems will dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an Airport’s security systems whilst enhancing the passenger experience and lowering the operational costs. For the first time Mach-Secure® introduces a totally integrated system solution to the Airport security environment.

Mach-Secure® Airport Security Products:

• Mach-SEMS® - Security Efficiency Management System
• Mach-SmartLane® - Automated Tray Handling
• Mach-SmartView® - Remote Search Facility
• Mach-SmartViewMatrix® - Centralised X-Ray Security Screening System
• Mach-SmartVision® - Integrated CCTV
• Mach-SmartSense® - Personnel Tracker
• Mach-SmartAccess® - Access Control
• Mach-SmartRoster® - Personnel Roster System
• Mach-SmartBRS® - Baggage Reconciliation Systems
• Mach-SmartSAC® - Security Audit and Sortation Systems
• Mach-SmartRegister® - PAX / Airline Spend Profile & PAX Locator
• Mach-SmartTutorial® - In Line Security Training
• Mach-SmartARCS® - Airport Regulatory Compliance Systems
• Mach-SmartPredict® - Dynamic Real Time Equipment Utilisation Planning
• Mach-SmartPupil® - Security Vigilance Monitoring System
• Mach-SmartDrop® - Automated Passenger Bag Drop
• Mach-SmartFlow® - Queue Analysis Management System

The Mach-Secure® suite of products and systems offers a coherent, structured and centrally
controlled solution to provide the secure Airport of the future.