Checkpoint Personnel & Asset Tracker

• Precise Real-Time Location System
• Improving operational efficiency
• Reducing queue waiting times and congestion
• Enhancing overall public safety, security and service
• 30cm Location Accuracy with 2D & 3D Visualisation
• Maximises Floating Resource Deployment
• Valuable Asset and Security Equipment Tracking
• Erroneous Movement Alerts
• Incorporates the ability to introduce
• Real Time Movement Reports and Statistical Data
• Integration to CCTV tracking


Checkpoint Asset & Personnel Tracker
  Mach-SmartSense® Brochure:
SmartLane Brochure >4MB

Mach-SmartSense® is a comprehensive real time positional system, tracking personnel and assets throughout the complete checkpoint security facility to within 30cm.
Mach-SmartSense® personnel and asset tags transmit ultrawideband (UWB) radio signals to a network of fixed sensors which provides the location of each tag in the Checkpoint facility. Each tag is associated with a person or asset within Mach-SmartSense® database
Providing checkpoint security management with 2D or 3D visualisation, enabling instant location of all security personnel or high valued assets.
With the availability of Mach-SmartSense® real time positional data, checkpoint security management can avoid potential congestion areas by rapidly deploying floating resources
to where they are most needed.