In Line Security Training

• World's first on the job security screener trainer
• Incorporates market leader Quadratica's security training product
• Incorporates certified training in a physical live working environment
• Provides a fully functional virtual training environment
• Offers the ability to utilise interim quiet periods to suit operations
• All training statistics logged within Mach-SEMS®
• Ensures employer compliance with government regulatory training
• Certified training in accordance with government regulations
• Improves operational efficiency
• Cost effective - rapid return on capital investment

World's First In-Line Security Training
Mach-SmartTutorial® Brochure:
SmartLane Brochure >1.8MB

Mach-SmartTutorial® provides the world's first X-Ray operator training in a live working environment.

Utilizing the existing security screening operational equipment - Mach-smartTutorial® incorporates certified training in a physical and realistic environment.

Certified Screener Training>

Mach-SmartTutorial® meets the ever increasing statutory government regulations with seamless screener training undertaken in a familiar working environment.

Continuous Regulatory Training>

Mach-SmartTutorial® automatically logs security personnel's completed training and identifies the necessary training outstanding through seamless integration with Mach-SEMS® - ensuring you as an employer meet statutory regulations.

Security Personnel Training>

Mach-SmartTutorial® allows all security satff to complete 'on the job' training including baggage searcher, tray loader, AMD searcher and security floater producing a realistic training environment.

Efficient and Convenient Training>

Mach-SmartTuturial® system turns operational security channels into a facitily capable of providing a fully functional virtual training environment utilising the X-Ray machines existing systems. Staff training can now take place at their workplace to suit operational requirements.

The Mach-SmartTutorial® is a scalable solution that provides rapid return on investment and improves operational efficiency and productivity.

The new Mach-SmartTutorial® addresses the security training requirements and problems of the transport industry globally and satisfies these objectives with a totally integrated system that offers fast, effective and efficient training without the excessive overhead costs as currently experienced.

With security and screening operations coming under ever increasing scrutiny and pressure, competency and a highly trained workforce is the number one priority of every employer.

Mach-SmartTutorial® provides the most effective solution to ensure your employees are trained to the highest standard and this competence is certified and recorded.

Growing numbers of passengers means that the challenges we face today will be greater tomorrow - MachSmartTutorial® is a scalable solution which is designed to cope with major increases in passenger traffic.

Mach- Secure® - Integrated Airport Security Solution

The Mach-Secure® suite of innovative products and systems has been specifically designed for Airport security applications. These dedicated products and systems address the day to day operational and financial challenges faced by today’s modern businesses. The Mach-Secure suite of products and systems will dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an Airport’s security systems whilst enhancing the passenger experience and lowering the operational costs. For the first time Mach-Secure® introduces a totally integrated system solution to the Airport security environment.

Mach-Secure® Airport Security Products:
• Mach-SEMS® - Security Efficiency Management System
• Mach-SmartLane® - Automated Tray Handling
• Mach-SmartView® - Remote Search Facility
• Mach-SmartViewMatrix® - Centralised X-Ray Security Screening System
• Mach-SmartVision® - Integrated CCTV
• Mach-SmartSense® - Personnel Tracker
• Mach-SmartAccess® - Access Control
• Mach-SmartRoster® - Personnel Roster System
• Mach-SmartBRS® - Baggage Reconciliation Systems
• Mach-SmartSAC® - Security Audit and Sortation Systems
• Mach-SmartRegister® - PAX / Airline Spend Profile & PAX Locator
• Mach-SmartTutorial® - In Line Security Training
• Mach-SmartARCS® - Airport Regulatory Compliance Systems
• Mach-SmartPredict® - Dynamic Real Time Equipment Utilisation Planning
• Mach-SmartPupil® - Security Vigilance Monitoring System
• Mach-SmartDrop® - Automated Passenger Bag Drop
• Mach-SmartFlow® - Queue Analysis Management System

The Mach-Secure® suite of products and systems offers a coherent, structured and centrally controlled solution to provide the secure Airport of the future.