Checkpoint Directive Search Facility

• Reduces Queue Waiting Times and Congestion
• Improves Operational Efficiency
• Effective Threat Targeting in Passenger Baggage
• Automates Process Between Screening and Search Activities
• Provides Audit Trail Facility for Threat Items
• Enhances Overall Public Safety, Security and Service
• Incorporates the Ability to Security Profile Passengers
• Ability to Determine the Usage by Airline of the Checkpoint System
• Ability to Provide Disclaimed Item Pickup Service
• Approved for Use by UK Airports


Secure Visualisation and Audit Trail
  Mach-SmartView® Brochure:
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Mach-SmartView® Enables the Screener to Tag Suspected Threat Items on the X-ray Image and Photo Image of the Tray Content. On Completion of the X-ray Process, the Tagged Images are Stored.

Mach-SmartView enables the Screener to tag suspected threat items
On Arrival at the Search Table, the Tray is Scanned and the Associated Images are Displayed to the Searcher to Validate.
This Automated Process Eliminates the Need for Verbal Instructions Between the Operators, Avoiding Communications
Errors and Delays In Screening and Searching Processes. This Positive Identification of the Potential Threat and its Position Within the Bag, Directs the Searcher to the Exact Position to be Searched, speeding Up the Complete Search Process.

As Part of the Search Table Process, Mach-SmartView® can Log Data from the Passenger Boarding Pass for Validating Service Agreements Between Airport and
Airlines. Alternatively, the Data is Logged to the Respective Airline via a Simple Touch Screen Command.

The Visual Location of the Threat Item is Quickly Identified for the Passenger to Disclaim or the Searcher to Clear. The Searcher Ends the Process by Confirming the Results via a Simple touch Screen Command on the Mach-SmartView® Monitor.

Mach-SmartView® is Designed to be Integrated with the World’s Leading Manufacturers Of Checkpoint X-ray Machines and can be Configured for Local or Remote Screening.

Mach-SmartView® is a Hardware Independent and therefore Future Proof Solution. The Modular Concept and Server Client Architecture Means that Future Expansion is a Simple Matter of Adding Search Clients to the Mach-Secure® Network.

Mach-SmartView® Addresses the Security Requirements and Problems of the Transport Industry Globally and the Objectives With a Totally Integrated System that Offers Fast, Efficient, Secure and Accurate Searching of Threat Baggage

With Consumer Satisfaction Being of Paramount Importance, It Has Been Recognised that the Passenger Experience is Significantly Enhanced when Presented with the Controlled, Securely Managed and Efficient Environment That Mach-SmartView® Solution Guarantees.

Growing Numbers of Passengers Mean that the Challenges We Face Today will be Greater Tomorrow – Mach-SmartView® is a Scalable Solution Which is Designed to Cope with Major Increases Of Passenger Traffic

Mach-SmartView® Search Monitor can be Configured to Multiple Screening Machines Providing an Efficient and Cost Effective Solution at a Shared Search Table.





Mach-SmartView® Visual Screen Aides and Multi Language Questionnaire, Significantly Enhances Passenger Experience and Throughputs.

Both Screener and Searcher are Logged on to the Mach-SmartView® System, Enabling Suspected Threat Item Selection and Search Validation Data to be Recorded and Associated to Operatives


Mach-SmartView overview

Mach-SmartView® Time and Date Stamps
Screener And Searcher Events, Together With All Tray Content Photos and X-ray Images. This Data Provides a Complete Audit trail Throughout the Outbound Checkpoint for Management Statistics In Mach-SEMS®