Checkpoint Integrated CCTV

• Improves operational efficiency
• Reduces queue waiting times and congestion
• Enhances overall public safety, security and service
• Automatic activation on hotspots
• Archive video storage and retrieval
• Single and multi screen viewing
• Incorporates the ability to introduce
-Biometric recognition
-PAX Tracking
-Left Baggage alerts


Checkpoint Integrated CCTV Security System
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Mach-SmartVision® system offers integration of all leading manufactures of CCTV
equipment into MachSEMS® Security Efficiency Management System. A choice of
fixed and/or 360º dome cameras provides blanket coverage of the security facility.
This holistic approach to the management of the complete checkpoint security
facility, ensures total management transparency and efficiency is assured.


The Mach-SmartVision® centralised control functionality enables operators to view locations on demand or via automatic event triggers available from the Mach-SEMS® integrated software suite. Multi-camera or single camera views are available at all times along with the ability to recall events by incident, area, time or operator.

Mach-SmartVision® is an intelligent software module integrated into the Mach-SEMS® software suite. The module transforms a standard CCTV solution from a manual, reactive system into an automatic, proactive and intelligent surveilance system for the complete checkpoint security facility.
Events such as illegal passenger walk backs, discrete covert calls by security operators, congestion hot spots and faults on the system are all automatically recognised. These instant alerts are brought to the attention of the control room security officers with alarmed dynamic displays and video logging for historic analysis and protection.
Mach-SmartVision®, when adopted with other elements of the Mach-Secure® product family, offers numerous opportunities to enhance the efficiency of the checkpoint facility whilst delivering a totally secure environment to the public and security personnel.
The adoption of Mach-SmartView® alongside the Mach-SmartSense® solution provides the ability to track, monitor and log all actions associated with a roaming, alarm activated security operator.