Baggage Reconciliation System

• Provides full baggage reconciliation services in accordance with ICAO
Annex 17
• Wi-Fi or 3G Mobile configurable offering Airport wide coverage
• Interfaces to all Airport DCS Systems
• Scalable solution for small to large Airports
• Full baggage audit trail inclusive of security status results
• Complete dynamic baggage location
• Rush bag / problem bag facility
• Interfaces to Mach-Secure® product range offering major operational benefits
• Early authorisation of plane loading
• High profile passenger-baggage screening
• Passenger location
• Immediate baggage location from check in to plane


Fully Integrated Baggage Reconciliation Solution
  Mach-SmartBRS® Brochure:
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The Mach-SmartBRS® System offers a functional rich baggage reconciliation solution that satisfies all the requirements of ICAO Annex 17 reconciliation services.
The system interfaces to all Airport DCS system as well as global standards associated with SITA and Arinc.
The system can be configured to suit the customers requirements adopting Wi-Fi or 3G Mobile for Airport wide communications.
SmartBRS02 The Mach-SmartBRS® system offers comprehensive
reporting functionality complete with statistical analysis for management and SLA reporting.
The system incorporates web browser interface capability for management access.
The Mach-SmartBRS® collects and generates SLS and traffic statistics for integration with AODB billing systems.

Mach-SmartAccess® Boarding Pass Gates
The introduction of the Mach-SmartAccess® automated boarding pass gate introduces additional enhancements to the Mach-SmartBRS® solution with early authorisation of bag loading offering a 99.9% confidence factor of PAX boarding the plane. Final .1% verified at boarding gate

SmartBRS03 The Mach-SmartBRS® solution offers full visualization of the bag location from check-in throughout its journey of the hold baggage transportation and baggage security screening systems. Supervisors / Operators can query a bag location at any time within the process.
Rush bags / problem bags can be immediately highlighted to the baggage and operations staff.
When utilised with Mach-SmartSACTM high profile flights / PAX baggage can be automatically diverted to high security screening.

The new Mach-SmartBRS® addresses the security requirements and problems of the transport industry globally and satisfies these objectives with a totally integrated system that offers fast, efficient, secure and accurate reconciliation of the passenger and baggage at aircraft loading.
With the full tracking and trace visualisation of the Mach-SmartBRS® solution, boarding delays due to lack of bag location awareness can be a problem of the past. Growing numbers of passengers mean that the challenges we face today will be greater tomorrow – Mach-SmartBRS® is a scalable solution which is designed to cope with major increases in passenger traffic.


  • Mach-SmartBRS® maintains real time final matched passenger / baggage manifest for each flight in reconciliation (AAAmode)
  • Mach-SmartBRS® collects passenger authorisation BSM data from airline DCS systems (AAA mode)
  • Mach-SmartBRS® maintains real-time passenger manifest for each scheduled flight.
  • Mach-SmartBRS® collects details of scheduled flights (FIDS) and open flights for automatic updates.
  • Mach-SmartBRS® maintains real time baggage manifests for each open flight Multilingual GUI’s for ease of operation

SmartBRS04Baggage Reconciliation & Location

  • Designation by class capability
  • Full bag trace capability
  • Full bag / can position capability
  • Efficiency loading statistics
  • KPI Data
  • Asset tracking capability