Smart Steps to Efficiency
Mach-SmartViewMatrix® Brochure:
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Centralised X-Ray Security Screening System

• Airport Group Centralisation
• Airport Terminal Centralisation
• Terminal Centralisation
•Outbound Passenger Security Screening
•Staff Access Security Screening
•Vehicle Check Point Security Screening
•Hold Baggage Security Screening
•Centralised Control Room Benefits
•Increase in Security Compliance
•Increase in Resource Efficiency
•Increase in Throughput Efficiency
•Decrease in Capital Expenditure
•Seamless Integration into Mach-Secure® Product Family



System Features

• Independent Solution Compatible With All Leading X-Ray Manufacturers
• Ability to Matrix Multiple X-Ray Manufacturers
• Dual or Single Image Matrix Capability
• Fully Redundant Client Server Solution (Client Virtual Server Option)
• Full Back Up to Local Screeners Caters for Server or Network Failure
• 90 Day Image and Data Storage as Standard
• Full Analyst Station Control Functionality
• Full Searcher Station Control Functionality
• Intelligent Matrix Decision Enhancement Process
• High Threat Image – Super Screener / Supervisor Oversight Capability
• Variable Screener Viewing Time (Configurable)

Data Capture/Transfer and Storage

• Tray X-Ray Image
• Tray Camera Image
• Personnel Log On Details
• Tray Counts
• Threats Selected by Screener
• Threats Found and Selected by Searcher
• TIP Images (Missed / Found)
• Transactions Time and Date Stamped
• Tray Journey Time
• Airline Information

- Statistic Report by Threat / Time / Percentage Analysis
- Passenger Tray Correlation

• System Fault Reporting

Full Mach-SmartView® Functionality

• RFID Secure Track and Traceability
• Camera Image of Tray Contents Available at all Stations
• Dual Image Available at all Stations
• Up to 30 Configurable Threat Categories
• Help Request Configurable Messages
• Auto Reject of Trays – Configured to Suit Regulatory Requirements

Full SEMS Capability