Rolls Royce Blade Moulding Facility selects MacDonald Humfrey Automation


Our client had previously received a full blade processing facility from L3 Exmac Automation some years before, and now wished to add an additional process line within the same facility, the ABCF facility in Rotherham in South Yorkshire. In addition, our client wanted to receive an upgrade to a previously supplied clamp tooling arrangement that had proved to be inconsistent in operation. 


The critical part of the process line was the clamp tooling arrangement which needed a complete redesign as its repeatability was crucial to the overall process success. Our client also ordered a new set of blade tooling posts which had to be interchangeable with an existing supply.


The clamp tooling arrangement underwent a thorough internal review and was fundamentally redesigned and presented to our client following manufacturing trials and an initial installation and test period of a loan clamp. Our client was so pleased with the new clamps performance that it ordered another two separate clamps to replace the initial units supplied with the first order. The new conveyor systems were delivered and installed on time into the new section of the facility.


The client now has a duplicate process line that compliments the first. It is fully interchangeable and has full process capability across all tooling for both lines.