Mach-Secure® - Integrated Airport Security Solution

The Mach-Secure® suite of innovative products and systems has been specifically designed for Airport security applications. These dedicated products and systems address the day to day operational and financial challenges faced by today’s modern businesses. The Mach-Secure® suite of products and systems will dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an airport’s security systems whilst enhancing the passenger experience and lowering the operational costs. Mach-Secure® provides a complete and wholly integrated system solution to strengthen the airport security environment.


The Mach-Secure® suite of products and systems offers a coherent, structured and centrally controlled solution to provide the secure Airport of the future.

Mach-Secure® Airport Security Products


Mach-SEMS® - Security Efficiency Management System

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Mach-SEMS® provides the master information summary for all 'Key Performance Indicators' associated with the checkpoint facility. The overview page provides supervisors with real time visibility of throughputs, status
and performance of equipment and staff operations, immediately highlighting bottlenecks or shortfalls in performance. More...


Mach-SmartLane® - Automated Tray Handling
A Revolution in Checkpoint Security

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Mach-SmartLane® addresses the security requirements and challenges of the transport industry globally
with a totally integrated system that offers fast, efficient, secure and accurate searching of threat baggage. More...

Mach-SmartLane® Addresses the Security Mach-SmartLane parallel loading


Mach-SmartView® - Checkpoint Directive Search Facility configured for Remote or Local screening
Secure Visualisation and Audit Trai

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Mach-SmartView® is designed to be integrated with the world’s leading manufacturers of checkpoint X-ray machines and can be configured for local or remote screening. Mach-SmartView® is hardware independent and offers a future proof solution. More...



Mach-SmartViewMatrix® - Smart Steps to Efficiency
Centralised X-Ray Security Screening System

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Mach-SmartViewMatrix® - An independent solution compatible with all leading X-Ray manufacturers; Ability to matrix multiple X-Ray manufacturers, dual or single image matrix capability. More...



Mach-SmartVision® Integrated CCTV

Mach-SmartVision® is an intelligent software module integrated into the Mach-SEMS® software suite. The module transforms a standard CCTV solution from a manual, reactive system into an automatic, proactive and intelligent surveillance system for the complete checkpoint security facility. More...



Mach-SmartSense® - Personnel Tracker
Checkpoint Asset & Personnel Tracker

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Mach-SmartSense® is a comprehensive real time positional system, tracking personnel and assets throughout the whole checkpoint security facility to within 30cm. Mach-SmartSense® personnel and asset tags transmit ultrawideband (UWB) radio signals to a network of fixed sensors which provides the location of each tag in the checkpoint facility. Each tag is associated with a person or asset in the Mach-SmartSense® database providing checkpoint security management with 2D or 3D visualisation, enabling instant location of all security personnel or high valued assets. More...



Mach-SmartAccess® -Passenger Boarding Pass Access Control

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Mach-SmartAccess® automated control system improves operational efficiencies requiring only one security office at the supervisor’s console per group of access gates to out bound security areas. More...



Mach-SmartARCS® - Airport Regulatory Compliance System

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Mach-SmartARCS® provides master information summary for all key regulatory compliance activities associated with airport security. The overview page provides compliance managers with real time visibility of compliance status for their airport and provides tools for the distribution of Common Threat Assessments, setting of monitoring thresholds and generation of compliance reports. More...

Compliance made simple


Mach-SmartPredict® - Resourcing made Simple
Fully Integrated Resource Planning Solution

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Mach-SmartPredict® provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage the activities associated with the resource planning of airport facilities. The overview page provides resource planners with tools for staff and equipment allocation, flight schedule maintenance, flight profiling, capacity utilisation monitoring and reporting. More...


Mach-SmartPredict® provides a comprehensive set of tools

Mach-SmartDrop®- Automated Passenger Bag Drop

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Mach-SmartDrop® system is a truly integrated and safe operational solution which allows for a completely unassisted bag drop facility. The Mach-SmartDrop® System is seamlessly integrated into existing baggage conveyor systems, which allows airport and airlines to fully utilise existing check-in facilities and infrastructure. Alternatively, new check-in conveyors can be supplied as required. The Mach-SmartDrop® system is able to accommodate Multi-Airline or dedicated airline operation. More...



Mach-SmartFlow® - Passenger Flow Analysis System

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The innovative Mach-SmartFlow solution, overcomes the accepted shortfalls of the bluetooth uptake being less than 5% when calculating passenger flow, and adopts Wi-Fi location analytics. this method is welcomed by airports as more a accurate and cost effective measure, given that Smartphones and Other Wi-Fi devices enjoy an ever increasing presence across the general population.
The Mach-SmartFlow® Solution captures the Wi-Fi enabled devices’ wireless signature. These unique mobile wireless signatures are transmitted at regular intervals from associated or non-associated Wi- Fi device and do not require the passenger to log in or onto an Airport's Wi-Fi to be counted. More...



Mach-SmartGate® - Passenger Automated Gates
Checkpoint Passenger Automatic Routing System

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Mach-SmartGate® offers a robust solution to the many security requirements facing the global air industry with a totally integrated system that offers fast, efficient, secure and accurate searching of threat passengers. More...