MHP Ltd - Products
Real-time Information and Display Screens

The products department of MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) was established in 1999 to service our customers demand for innovative reliable products to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of technologies.

MachPick To Light

Fast & Efficient Error Proof Picking System

Not Just Pick To Light

  • User Configurable
  • Single or Multiple Pickers
  • Real Time Event Reporting
  • Sequential or Simultaneous Picking
  • Supervisory or Independent Operation
  • Stock monitoring for Replenishment
  • Zone indication alerts, Profile Checks

Multi Coloured MachSticks


Factory Vision FV4000

LCD Matrix Display Boards.

With Windows compatible hardware, the FV4000 Displays are available in single or double sided and sizes ranging from

1200x120mm up to 3900x1900mm.

TFT Displays

With Windows compatible hardware, the FV4000LCD models are available in 32", 40",and 46" commercial or industrial housings

TFT Arrives Cluster