Gatwick Airport receive award for Best Immigration and Service Experience with the help of the Mach-Secure® family of products.

MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd are delighted to announce that Gatwick Airport have been  recognised for their outstanding efforts to improve the passenger experience at the 2nd Future Travel Experience Awards, which were presented at the Future Travel Experience 2012 Gala Evening in Vancouver 

Gatwick Airport have been awarded the Best Security and Immigration Experience award for the significant upgrades that have been made to the security and immigration processes as part of its £1.2 billion Capital Investment Programme. One of the airport’s passenger commitments is ‘We hate queues’ and the airport is succeeding in cutting waiting times, as is highlighted by the fact that the average waiting time at security now stands at just 107 seconds.

This was in no small part achieved due to the installation of our Mach-SmartLane® system, Mach-SmartView® System, Mach-SmartAccess® Automated Boarding pass gates and the SEMS® (Security Efficiency Management System) solution.

The Gatwick solution for their outbound security facility is the largest single Mach-Secure® product installation for a single terminal.

The new outbound security facility consists of 20 Mach-SmartLane® systems incorporating Mach-SmartView®, including dedicated special assistance and family lanes, 20 Mach-SmartAccess® (Automated boarding pass gates), 6 Manual entry SmartAccess® gates and 7 Mach-SmartAccess® reconciliation stations 

The centralised security area in the South Terminal can now handle as many as 5,000 passengers per hour