Glasgow Airport a member of the BAA Group selects the Mach-SmartAccess Solution for automated boarding pass control.

The new Mach-SmartAccess automated boarding pass gates allow authorised passenger access to the security area and the departure lounges.

The Mach-SmartAccess gate system upon reading the presented boarding card automatically verifies the passenger is authorised to proceed on their journey. An Innovative and intelligent display system informs the passenger in a simple and intuitive manner ensuring maximum throughput is always achieved.

The Mach-SmartAccess system electronically authorises the passenger eliminating the possibility of manual error currently experienced when adopting conventional visual inspection. 

The Mach-SmartAccess automated boarding control access gates have been designed to interface to any existing passenger boarding pass verification systems or alternatively the system is designed to seamlessly interface to the recently developed Mach-SmartVerification System Software.

The Mach-SmartVerification System which has been successfully deployed at a number of Airports and most recently at Dublin Airport for the existing Terminal 1 and the new Terminal 2 is a functionally rich solution which caters for all aspects of boarding pass control.



The Mach-SmartAccess automated boarding pass gates interface seamlessly to the SEMS (Security Efficiency Management) System providing management with full statistical passenger / airline information as well as the complete range of SLA statistics. 

The Mach-SmartAccess® product is only part of the ongoing story of innovation and development which has been undertaken by MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd in the field of Airport Passenger Security. 

MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd have the in-house capabilities to offer their clients a full design service to upgrade an existing outbound security screening facility to a fully automated solution adopting the MACH-Secure Product range. This service can include PAX throughput simulation to determine equipment layout, architectural and layout design through to the complete installation and commissioning of the facility.