MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd Awarded Five Year Framework Agreement Contract from Bucharest Airport for Sort Allocation Computer System Operations Contract

The award of the ‘Sort Allocation Computer System’ five year operations and maintenance contract at Bucharest Otopeni Airport further advances the reputation and commitment of MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd within the field of Airport Technology.

The existing Sort Allocation Computer System was installed by MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd in 2008 and has operated successfully ever since.

The new contract will involve a permanent on site presence to manage, operate and maintain the system as well as a 24 hour emergency technical support facility.

With the continued success of the new Mach-Secure family of products within the field of Airport passenger and baggage security, the Macdonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd Sort Allocation Computer System product is to be migrated into the Mach-Secure family of products and will be re-branded Mach-SmartSAC.

With this re-branding will come a seamless integration into all of the Mach-Secure product family offering still further enhancements into the already functionally rich SAC product.

Such enhancements will include High security profiling of passengers and the ability to re-direct targeted passenger baggage for high security screening