MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd Incorporates the functionally rich Mach-BRS (‘Baggage Reconciliation System’) into the Mach-Secure Family of Products.

The integration of the established Mach-BRS into the Mach-Secure suite of products offers a seamless solution to a number of outstanding security anomalies within the Airport Industry.

Now the actual loading of baggage onto planes can be undertaken with near certain assurance that the passenger will board the plane and the unloading of baggage due to a passenger no show becomes a thing of the past.


The functionally rich Baggage reconciliation system supplied by MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd will be re-named Mach-SmartBRS®

This solution when linked into the Mach-SEMS (Security efficiency Management System) offers the Airport the seamless monitoring of a passenger and his hold and cabin bags throughout their Airport journey inclusive of security status and reporting times.         

MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd now offer their Airport clients the complete range of services and products via the totally integrated Mach-Secure product range through to Baggage handling systems, PLC control systems, Flight Information Display Systems, Baggage Information Display Systems, Sort allocation Computer Systems, and Baggage Reconciliation Systems.