MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd launch the new Mach-SmartARCS (Airport Regulatory Compliance System) product with live Government approved trials being undertaken at Manchester Airport.

The Mach-SmartARCS product is designed to simplify, manage and improve the complete regulatory process for Airport security compliance.

The product launch follows an extensive five man year development programme involving in-depth dialogue with the Government Department for Transport, as well as Airport security Compliance Directors, Security Management and Staff at all of the major UK Airports.
The new Mach-SmartARCS product due to the close consultation with the Dft has been developed to also satisfy the requirements of the new Dft SeMS (Security Management System) programme. 
The product has been designed to reverse the psychology of ensuring compliance from a monitoring process to a process that is imbedded and inherent in the normal daily Airport activities.
With the introduction of the new Mach-SmartARCS solution any potential non-compliance is recognised and the appropriate personnel, as selected via the configuration settings are forewarned in advance. This new concept ensures unawareness of non-compliance issues will now become stories of the past.
The system is rich in functionality and features to ensure that adherence to security compliance becomes part of the working day culture and not a retrospective monitoring function.
Standard Mach-SmartARCS reports have been designed to satisfy Government reporting procedures for Airport compliance reporting and Airport Executive boards for their statutory oversight of all security requirements
In short Airport Regulatory Compliance has now become Smart. More...